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This Police Officer Showed Up To A Routine Call And Ended Up Falling In Love With A Puppy


This is Florida Police Officer Marcus Montgomery and his new BFF, Kylo. HOW EFFING CUTE ARE THEY.

Montgomery met the totally adorable Kylo when he was on a routine call to the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS.

Montgomery, an officer who serves in Fort Walton Beach, said he was sent to the center over a situation with a former employee.

"We spoke for about 20 minutes and I was wrapping up my investigation," he told BuzzFeed. "One of the supervisors left, and while I was still speaking to the director of PAWS, the supervisor came back in with this little puppy in her hands. You could tell he'd been sleeping because his eyes were heavy and he was yawning constantly."

Montgomery said he "immediately" asked to hold the puppy.

"[The employee] went on to tell me that one of the cat adoption associates had come into the building and was hearing a noise from the back of the building," he said. "She walked out the back door and saw a box, with Kylo, sitting inside the box by himself, crying. Originally, I was told he was in the box with other puppies, but I later found out that it was just him."

As soon as he met Kylo, Montgomery knew he had to have him.

"When the supervisor brought him in, I just looked in his eyes as he yawned at me, and I told [the] supervisor, 'Don't bring him in here, because I will take him home right now,'" he said.

He added that the new puppy was a perfect addition to the family.

"Me and my girlfriend have wanted another dog for so long because Vader, our other rescue, loves meeting other dogs and playing with them," he said.

Kylo seems to be getting along smashingly with Vader, don't you think?

I mean...SQUEEEEEE!!!!

Montgomery said that he was happy to bring Kylo home, especially given how biased people tend to be against pit bulls.

Enjoy your naps, puppies. May the force be with you.