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Lady Gaga Nude And Holding A Note

Warning: NSFW. I don't know what the Abramovic Method is, but I think it may have something to do with lying down. Or standing. Maybe sitting?

Justin Abarca 6 years ago

5 Actors That Were Almost "Big"

By Zoltar's beard! Just imagine what could have been if these actors had landed the role of wish-maker Josh Baskin instead of Tom Hanks. Via IMDB

Justin Abarca 6 years ago

Somebody Finally Got Venom Right

Producer Adi Shankar (Dredd, The Grey,) brings us "Truth In Journalism," a day in the life of everyone's favorite alien symbiote host, Eddie Brock. Like Shankar's Punisher short, Dirty Laundry, we get a realistic, badass interpretation of a comic book favorite. Something tells me Spidey should be shaking in his leotard right now.

Justin Abarca 6 years ago

The Tao Of Badger And Skinny Pete

As the R2D2 and C-3PO of AMC's "Breaking Bad," Badger and Skinny Pete are always dropping pearls of wisdom, you just have sift through the meth talk to get to the gold.

Justin Abarca 6 years ago

10 Possible Pixar Movie Subjects

From toys to "Cars," monsters to bugs, Pixar has almost run the gamut on things to make come to life. Now with "Planes" coming to theaters, we have to wonder what their next move will be. Here are a few ideas that I think would make for great films.

Justin Abarca 6 years ago