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17 Insanely Relatable Animal Vines

Pizza beagle is all of us.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite animal vine of all time. Here are the hilarious results.

1. When you're the only sober one at the party.

–Carlee Barackman, Facebook

2. When you completely forget about the homework.

3. When someone leaves leftover cake in the kitchen.


4. When your roommate catches you eating their leftovers.

5. When you're struggling to get your crush to notice you.

6. When you REALLY don't wanna get out of bed on Monday morning.

7. When someone asks you to hold their baby.

8. When you're trying your damn best to hit those high notes in the car.

9. Whenever the drum solo from "In The Air Tonight" comes on.

10. When you're really feelin' your look.

11. When your bae gets frisky during Netflix and chill.

–Chandra Robrock, Facebook

12. When you're leaving work on a Friday.

13. When you still wanna complain about your ex but your friends are sick of hearing it.


14. When your Tinder date is way more into it than you.

15. When your BFF tries to steal your fries but you're not having their shit.


16. When your song comes on at the bar.


17. And most importantly, this dog who perfectly represents your relationship with pizza.

–Kyle Anthony, Facebook

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