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This Guy Tweeted The Most Incredible Troll Story And People Don't Know What To Think

You'll never look at someone feeding birds the same way again.

Melbourne man Chris Harrigan took to his Twitter to tell the most insane public transport troll story you're likely to read.

Yesterday a friend told me what might well be the best story I’ve ever heard.

So my friend had caught the train in from Frankston, a seaside suburb in Melbourne.

And while she was waiting for the train to come, she noticed a man sitting down on the platform with a bag of fish and chips.

But he wasn’t really eating them. He was just sort of letting them air.

This attracted a few seagulls, who began to circle the platform.

Instead of shooing the birds away, the man offered them a few chips.

He’d toss one a foot or so away from him. It was like he was becoming them to come closer.

He kept doing this, eking the chips out slowly, until there was a big group of seagulls in front of him, 15 or 20. A tiny army.

He’d throw them a chip every now and then – just enough to keep the birds interested, but not enough to sate them.

It was frustrating. They were getting angry. Squawking.

It was like he was rearing them up for… something.

Then the train came, and everyone got on. But the man stayed on the ground with his chips.

Just when the train was about to leave. It happened.

Right before the doors closed, the man threw the entire bag of the fish and chips into the train.

The entire flock of seagulls followed the bag.

The train station was five minutes away.

That’s all we know. But I can’t stop thinking about it.

Harrigan told BuzzFeed, "The story, as far as I know, is completely true. Obviously I wasn't there so can't verify it, but my source seemed legit."

People were quick to champion the evil genius.

Whoa. This is some straight-up Heath-Ledger-Joker style shit: https://t.co/knbjQF0wCu

#Troll: level master. https://t.co/pswZzwMuyu

Some men just want to watch the world burn. https://t.co/s2tlmdgpne

And then the jokes started rolling in.

I'm going to imagine that guy's name is Rick. That would mean that train got Rick gulled. https://t.co/C7PdUhn5mu

after doing this do you think he ran? he ran so far away? https://t.co/K5M59Bj3Q9

The tweets even got picked up by the news wire services.

But of course, some questioned whether the story was too good to be true.

@stevenl1987 @Mikey_Nicholson It may have happened once, but I've been asked many times about it. Which makes me think it's an urban myth.

@EssEmDot @Mikey_Nicholson Haven't heard this one. No shortage of seagulls in Frankston, obviously. But I'd expect to see phone footage?

Nothing on Snopes yet, but this one has Urban Legend written all over it, cos if true, someone would have photo. https://t.co/fA0uCJQymy

While a local chimed in to add legitimacy to the debate.

Having grown up in Frankston, it would not surprise me at all if this story is legit https://t.co/NMocQMEHNo

And some just didn't give a shit either way.

I don't know if I actually want confirmation for this or if I am fine with it living in between truth and urban myth https://t.co/XOPLMZJhUg

When contacted by BuzzFeed, Metro Trains said it could not confirm if the incident had occurred.

"We are trying to verify this incident but there is no exact time, date or location. There has been no video, photos or more specific details of the incident and there has been no incident report so we cannot verify that it occurred," Metro Trains said in a statement.