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How Popular Are Your Australian Canteen Food Opinions?

Nothing could ever beat 5 cent red frogs from ye olde school canteen.

Which Of These Classic '00s Characters Taught You The Meaning Of Lust?

Fetch me a cold glass of Milo, I'm feeling thirsty.

If You Heat Up Cold Brew, Then It Isn't Actually True?

A classic debate in cold brew circles.

Lili Reinhart Just Asked Twitter To Debunk This Movie Myth And The Responses Are Just Too Good

Is splashing your face with water to help calm you down really a thing?

17 Weird Food Combos Everyone Either Loves Or Hates

Everyone loves Cheetos... but do you love them with MILK?!

Let's Make Some Tough Movie Decisions: Is The Original Or The Sequel Better?

Sometimes the sequel turns out WAY BETTER than the original.

Do You Have Strong Opinions About Trendy Foods?

Is the sushi burrito worse than the bagel croissant?

Random Question, But What Do You Call These Foods?

Do you call it a capsicum or bell pepper?

Vote For Which John Hughes Movie You Think Is The Best

This poll will decide once and for all.

Are You Prepared To Make Some Difficult Aussie Souvenir Choices?

Let’s help some tourists out here. What’s actually worth bring back from Down Under?

People Living In Melbourne Might Soon Be Freed From The Terror Of The SkyBus

The $5 billion announcement by the federal government could eventually mean no one would have to catch the SkyBus ever again.

See How Popular Your 2018 Oscars Predictions Are

It's not about what should win, but what will win.

Just 15 "Would You Rather" Questions About Food That Are Near Impossible for Aussies To Answer

At least we can all agree that we love food, right? *Laughs nervously.*

Here's A Month-By-Month Breakdown Of The 12 Best Memes Of 2017

Get your memes here! Your piping hot memes 'ere!

Australia, Are You Prepared To Make Some Tough Flavour Choices?

If you choose green frogs over red, then you're a monster.

Hey Australia, Are You Prepared To Make Some Difficult Food Choices?

The hardest decision since "smashed avocado vs. house deposit".

What's The Best Australian Bird?

There is only one correct answer, really.

These Hints Could Change The Way You Think About "The Bachelor"

Get ready guys, because I'm about to drop a Bachelor bomb on you.

Which Toy Would You Pick, 2000s Or 1990s?

No matter when you were born, at some point we ALL wanted a Tickle Me Elmo.

Guys, Tara May Have Accidentally Revealed Whether Or Not She Won "The Bachelor"

Enter at your own risk, there are spoilers in here.

16 Opinions Every Australian Has Argued About At Least Once

Are you really Australian if you've never had a potato scallop or potato cake debate?

16 Questions That Everyone Has A Strong Opinion On

You're entitled to your opinions, but just know they're wrong.

An Australian Teenager's Legs Were Eaten By Sea Fleas And Everyone Is Traumatised

I feel ill. Warning: This article contains graphic images.

I Am So Sorry But Could You Tell Me What Colours You See In This Picture??

They are teal and grey and that's the end of it.

How Popular Are Your "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 9 Opinions?

More importantly, who should take the crown?

Sorry Fellow Picky Eaters, But I Made Us A "Would You Rather" Test

Sorry, I actually can't answer the third question without wanting to vomit.

It's Time To Decide Once And For All Which Chris Is The Greatest Chris

Out of the four white guys dominating Hollywood right now, that is.

OK, It's Time: We Need To Talk About "Grey's Anatomy"

Through all the tears, snotty tissues, and pure anger. This post probably has spoilers btw.

This 1970 Explanation Of How Many Women Are Lesbians Is Truly Incredible

"One would be capable of lesbianism only under extreme circumstances."

How Do You Eat These Classic Aussie Foods?

Everyone thinks their way is the "right" way.

Choose Which Australian Food Is Worse

A battle of the shitty foods.

What Do You Think Is Most Likely To Happen In Australia This Year?

New prime minister or new Shapes flavour?

This Baby Puggle Proves Nifflers Actually Exist

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Dear "The Bachelorette", Please Give Us The Proper Love Story Again

Why are we missing the most important connection?

Are You Actually Sort Of A Shit Person?

If no one saw you leave your shopping cart in the middle of nowhere, did you really do it?

How Trash Are Your Opinions On Aussie Things?

Are your true blue opinions on things true blue enough?

How Trash Are Your McDonald's Opinions?

Sure you're lovin' it, but are you loving the wrong things?

How Garbage Are Your "Grey's Anatomy" Opinions?

If you like Penny, I'm sorry, but you're trash.

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