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Someone Spotted This Cabanossi, Cheese And Sweet Biccy Combo And I Don't Know How To Feel

What culinary scientist came up with this one?!

I was minding my own business this morning, scrolling Twitter and wondering what was going on with the world when I came across this.

.@AlboMP r u aware this is going on under your watch

Twitter: @wheelswordsmith

I think the Tweet speaks for itself.

Now, I’ve got to say — at first, I was a little concerned we’d be expected to eat our beloved cheddar-cabanossi combo on an equally iconic Hundreds & Thousands biscuit and was actually appalled. On closer inspection, it looks like these ingredients are intended to be eaten separately.

But now, I sort of want to try the first impression version of this blasphemous combination. I mean, smoky cabanossi, salty cheese and sugary biscuit? Surely that'd work — no matter how much we wish it wouldn't.

As always, the internet came back with differing opinions on the newest addition to "weird combinations of food nobody asked for".