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Ansel Elgort Just Posted 17 Selfies To Instagram In 10 Minutes And Everyone Is Guessing Why

[Extreme DJ Khaled voice]: ANOTHER ONE!

You know Ansel Elgort, aka the guy who stole your heart in The Fault In Our Stars and Baby Driver.

Well today he did something kind of...unexpected. He posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram.

And before you say anything, let me explain. After he posted this selfie, he posted another 16 SELFIES in the space of 10 MINUTES.

This brings up so many questions. Like, was he hacked?

Or could he not decide on which angle he liked best, so he decided to post all of them?

Or was he just simply feeling himself and wanted the whole world to know?

Obviously there were some A+ reactions to Ansel's spamming of photos.

Whatever the reasoning is, Ansel, sweetie, you're doing amazing.