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Twisties Is Prototyping A Mint Flavour And I'm Curious If You'd Ever Actually Try It

Forget popping a mint. Instead, you could scoff some Mint Twisties.

If you've had to endure the indignity of bad breath after eating chicken-flavoured Twisties, soon your suffering will come to a pleasant, minty end — because Twisties are releasing a "Mint Twisties" prototype.

So if, like MAFS groom Matt, you plan to demolish some delectable Twisties before your wedding — but don't want to spoil the moment with the recently-discovered medical condition known as "Twisties breath" — then Mint Twisties are for you.


Whyy ohhh why Chicken and not Cheese? 😲 @Married At First Sight #MAFS #Twisties #twistiesau #AussieSummer #Funny #fypシ #xyzbca

♬ original sound - twistiesau

Mint Twisties are also ideal for any and all occasions that might require you to breathe on someone or be within breath-smelling distance of another nose.

At this stage, Mint Twisties are just a prototype and not yet available on shelves, but we want to know if you'd smash a packet before a big date or a first kiss?