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Australians Are Obsessed With Fried Chicken Sushi, Even Though It's Apparently Sacrilegious

We know it's a crime against tradition, but we just can't get enough.

Look, we've gone through this many times before, but Australia really does have a unique approach to food.

Flickr @giffordclan / Via Flickr: giffordclan

In fact, there are many naysayers who claim that we don't have a national cuisine at all — we simply bastardise other cultures' foodie traditions and label them as ~fresh Aussie flavours~.

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Well, I hate to add fuel to our critics' fire, but I'm afraid exhibit A) might work against us: May I present, Australia's favourite sushi recipe, the fried chicken roll.

Flickr @1Nine8Four / Via Flickr: snapah

Oooh, she's looking fine. 

Now, I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but up until this year, I'd really never considered that the humble chicken roll was not, in fact, sushi at all.

Flickr @avlxyz / Via Flickr: avlxyz

This captures my go-to order fairly effectively. 

I mean, chicken katsu is Japanese, right? Not to mention, exquisitely delicious, so it makes sense that an authentic fried chicken sushi should exist?

Werxj / Getty Images, Flickr @waltzes / Via Flickr: waltzes

But after recent research and some very loud audience feedback, I'm afraid I can no longer deny the sacrilege of forgoing fresh, raw fish in favour of a crumbed and battered chicken tender.
Flickr @avlxyz / Via Flickr: avlxyz

To the people of Japan and the highly-trained, tradition-steeped makers of sushi, I say only this: Accept Australia's sincerest apologies for this abomination.


P.S. Can you maybe find it in your hearts to officially add roast chook into the traditional mix? You'd be doing us a bloody big favour. 

  1. But you tell me, when it comes to chicken sushi, do you believe it's:

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But you tell me, when it comes to chicken sushi, do you believe it's:
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    A crime against humanity.
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    The humble underdog of the sushi world.

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