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I, An Australian, Just Tried Pumpkin Spice Coffee And Now I Have Many Burning Questions For The USA

First up, someone needs to tell me whether I drink it with or without actual PUMPKIN.

If you've clicked into this article, then you know what you're in store for — so let's get into it, shall we?

I'll start off by saying that there's nothing inherently offensive to me about the concept of a pumpkin spice latte, but I have simply never, in all my many years of coffee-drinking, been tempted to try it.

So I entered this experiment with an open mind and a willingness to learn — after all, I love a dirty chai and that's chock-full of spicy goodness! But the one thing I couldn't get my head around was this: Does the pumpkin spice latte contain actual pumpkin, or is it just the spices?

Alright, so first up, I had to actually source the ingredients for this experiment and that proved a surprisingly difficult endeavour.

I started with the spice mix, which, I'll admit, was pretty much winged — with very little care for measurement. Most recipes I found suggested a combo of cinnamon, all spice, ginger, ground cloves and nutmeg.

Next, I brewed myself a good quality cup of coffee. To give the pumpkin a fighting chance.

Then, in with one tablespoon of maple syrup (which seemed excessive, but I do what I'm told) and a quarter teaspoon of the pumpkin spice.

Which led me to this startling discovery: Pumpkin spice is pretty fucking nice.

But next, I had to go one step further and mix in a teaspoon of pure pumpkin puree. The recipe actually called for a tablespoon, but at this point, I was half a coffee cup down and I felt I had to adjust.

And let me tell you, I went through the full range of emotions — I was at first fearful, then confused...

Intrigued, suspicious and, dare I say, pleasantly surprised?

So with yet another of my pointless culinary experiments concluded, my final thoughts are these. Pumpkin spice? Very nice. Pumpkin puree? She can stay.

Now, I have one final question that I really do need you to answer for me please.