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Aussies Swear By Vegemite And Jam Toast, So I Tried It First To Protect The Rest Of You

"It's sweet 'n' sour, Aussie style."

When I set out to be a writer, there were many things I envisioned myself doing — penning a best-selling YA book series, interviewing celebrities or anonymous whistleblowers and, who knows, maybe winning a Pulitzer Prize, just for the hell of it.

Which brings me to today's riveting piece of journalism and the next step on my culinary journey to greatness: The brave sampling of Vegemite and jam on toast.

Now, this is not a flavour sensation I dreamed up on my own — nay, it seems many already know and love this bizarre pairing:

@kailaswild Vegemite and apricot jam together on toast 👌🏼

Twitter: @kobejennifer

@Wolfie_Rankin 😳 it appears I've missed the listing of foods. 🤪 Vegemite on toast with a thin spread of apricot jam on top. Sweet and sour Aussie style (?)

Twitter: @mandyhoskin1

@DaevidArt @perthfest I've not tried strawberry jam. Apricot jam and vegemite on toast is a winner.

Twitter: @cherryleeb62

And so, I set out to sample this seemingly ill-fated pair — because how else should I be filling my day, but by listening to advice on Twitter?

Toasting the bread was essential — A) because what kind of sicko smears Vegemite straight onto plain bread? And B) because my bread was stale and it needed a little burning to bring it back to life.

Then came the familiar comfort — a nice, even coating of Australia's favourite yeast paste.

Followed by a fairly generous, gloopy teaspoon of apricot jam.

I re-smeared those flavours together and then, thanks to another user's suggestion on Twitter, added a slice of Tasty cheese to the the second piece of toast.

@_curly_ju Get them to try cheese and apricot jam and vegemite :D

Twitter: @sckitupbuttercp

I figured if I was going all in, I may as well try a couple of varieties.

Which led me to this pure, revelatory moment that will forever change my views on Vegemite toast...

But then, it was time to try the ultimate pairing — Vegemite, apricot jam and cheese.

Not convinced by my opinion alone? Well, good news, I had another join me in this wild, wonderful taste-test experiment:

So there you have it! Proof that even the most bizarre, unexpected food pairings can find love in each other's arms — or, you know, something else nice and touching to wrap this up...