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    It's Time We Discussed This Children's TV Character That Has A Vagina For A Face

    Every vulva is beautiful.

    In this week's edition of ~cooked Australian nostalgia~, I want to take a moment to honour the truly outlandish creators of the children's television program, Plasmo.

    Who not only introduced us to the cutesy, claymation characters of Plasmo and Parsty...

    ...but to this vulva-faced maniac known as Coredor.

    Yes, this was his real face. A little bit of foreskin, a little bit of scrotum, a whole lotta vulva.

    Coredor was an "intergalactic space mercenary" — who basically spent the series following Plasmo around, after his ship exploded, trapping him on Plasmo's home planet.

    And as children, we all blindly accepted the fact that his face was unmistakably molded after genitalia.

    Sometimes, if Coredor was feeling angry or particularly passionate, his face flaps would flail open and it was honestly an unforgettable sight to behold.

    So here's to you, vulva-face. In your own way, you encouraged all of us to overcome shame and insecurity — and proudly love ourselves for our uniqueness.