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    I Tried Milo And Coffee This Morning Because The Internet Told Me To

    Holy mother of malt and caffeine.

    I am ashamed to admit it — both as an Australian and a longtime coffee lover — but before today, the concept of Milo mixed with a shot of espresso had never crossed my mind.

    So when I stumbled across this Reddit thread by u/LearnShiit, I just about lost my mind: "Is it just me, or does anyone else find Milo mixed with coffee the best beverage on cold days like this?"

    Given that it's a chilly winter's morning in Sydney, I thought there was no better time to put this culinary experiment to the test.

    To begin, I added 2 tablespoons (yes, heaped) to my mug — and any Aussie can attest to the fact that this is considered a humble serving.

    Then I chucked in my coffee pod and simply let the majesty unfold before my eyes.

    Top that bad boy off with some steamed (oat) milk and a sprinkling of Milo — and you're faced with the best cuppa Joe in existence.

    And apparently, other Australians are already well across this concept — which just makes me feel all the more ignorant:

    best combo: milo, coffee, and milk 🦋

    Really getting into the “Staff Room Mocha” during my time spent in school staff rooms. It consists of 2 teaspoons each milo and instant coffee, hot water and whatever milk is available. Get amongst it.

    My own version of Dalgona Milo and Coffee 💗🤤

    Honestly, all I have to say is, you have to try it for yourself. Unlock the pleasure; you deserve it. We all deserve it.

    Can of Nestlé's Milo next to a cup of Milo and Joe