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    I Tried Milo And Coffee This Morning Because The Internet Told Me To

    Holy mother of malt and caffeine.

    I am ashamed to admit it — both as an Australian and a long-time coffee lover — but before today, the concept of Milo mixed with a shot of espresso had never crossed my mind.


    For my non-Aussie readers, Milo is a chocolate-flavoured malt powder that you mix up with either hot or cold milk for the ultimate ~transeasonal~ refreshment. 

    So when I stumbled across this Reddit thread by u/LearnShiit, I just about lost my mind: "Is it just me, or does anyone else find Milo mixed with coffee the best beverage on cold days like this?"


    Why had I never considered this before? All these many years I've been living — mixing up a separate mug of hot milo, then wolfing down a cappuccino later in the day — like an absolute moron. 

    But I had seen the light.

    Given it's a chilly winter's morning in Sydney, I thought there was no better time to put this culinary experiment to the test.


    Starting with a brand-spanking new tin of the good stuff. 

    To begin, I added two tablespoons (yes, heaped) to my mug — and any Aussie can attest to the fact that this is considered a humble serving.


    Then I chucked in my coffee pod and simply let the majesty unfold before my eyes.


    Have you ever witnessed something so erotic?

    Top that bad boy off with some steamed (oat) milk and a sprinkling of Milo — and you're faced with the best cuppa Joe in existence.

    I'm not lying: She was smooth, she was sweet, she took me to places no plain cappuccino has ever dreamt of taking me.

    And apparently other Australians are already well across this concept — which just makes me feel all the more ignorant:

    best combo: milo, coffee, and milk 🦋

    Really getting into the “Staff Room Mocha” during my time spent in school staff rooms. It consists of 2 teaspoons each milo and instant coffee, hot water and whatever milk is available. Get amongst it.

    My own version of Dalgona Milo and Coffee 💗🤤

    Honestly, all I have to say is you have to try it for yourself. Unlock the pleasure, you deserve it. We all deserve it.


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