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Chicken Crimpy Is Australia's Favourite Shapes Flavour And I Can't Believe It's Not Pizza Or BBQ TBH

Chicken Crimpy superiority.

While you were all arguing over whether BBQ or Pizza Shapes are the best kind, Chicken Crimpy has swooped in and taken the top spot according to new research commissioned by Arnott's.

Pizza Shapes took home the second place prize, and BBQ followed VERY closely behind to earn the third place slot.

I, for one, am not at all surprised that Chicken Crimpy has re-earned the top spot after two years. It's just all-round a better cracker in so many ways.

Another interesting fact is that while New South Wales chose Chicken Crimpy as their number one, Victoria actually voted BBQ into their top spot.

And now I'm actually curious about which Shapes flavour you guys think is the best. Is it Chicken Crimpy? Or are you a ride-or-die Pizza Shapes fan?

  1. What's the best Shapes flavour?

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What's the best Shapes flavour?
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    Chicken Crimpy
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    Nacho Cheese
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    Cheese and Bacon
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    Vegemite & Cheese

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