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I Just Heard What Kangaroos Actually Sound Like And I May Never Sleep Peacefully Again

Picture this: It's midnight, you're camping in the Outback and suddenly the bone-chilling cry of a mob of kangaroos cuts through the night.

So, here are the facts. I'm an Australian, born and bred. I've never lived outside this great, sprawling country and I'm very well acquainted with our ~colourful~ array of wildlife.

When it comes to kangaroos, however, I've always viewed them with a kind of mild disinterest — they're big, bouncy and strangely buff. But they just never seemed particularly interesting to me.

But oh lord, did that all change when I finally heard the truly demonic noise that they are capable of making.

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For a spooky season treat, I suggest closing all the blinds, turning off all the lights and blasting this^ baby on loud. 

I went a good 30 years without ever knowing the truth and now I fear I may never lose this noise, rattling through my brain in the dead of night.

Now, further research has taught me that this creepy, old-man, raspy-ass groan is not the only noise kangaroos make — they also cluck and squeak and chuckle, which are far more pleasing to the ear.

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See, these kangaroos wouldn't have me fearing for my life. 

In the comments, other Australians shared their best comparisons for the kangaroos' deep, throaty growls — and I've gotta say, some of these are bang on.

Apparently, only male kangaroos make these loud, "coughing" growls — and most often, while fighting over females during mating season.

But look, now that you've heard all the evidence, you tell me...