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This New Zealand Actor Is Comparing The Kiwi Vs. Aussie Accent And I'm Dying At The Accuracy

As an Aussie, even I can admit the man has some very good points.

Ah yes, the sweet rivalry between Australians and our flightless Kiwi birds over the Tasman.

But the one thing that Aussies never grow tired of is the chance to poke fun at the way New Zealanders speak. What can we say, they've just got such a sixy iccint.

Well, New Zealand actor and TikToker, Simon Arblaster, has had just about enough of Aussies taking the piss — and has decided to return the ribbing in equal measure.

As part of a hilarious running series named "Australia VS New Zealand Words", Simon breaks down the differences between Kiwi and Aussie pronunciation — and wow, I never fully realised how objectionable our accent really is.

In his most popular video, Simon absolutely rinses Aussies for making fun of the way Kiwis say "Fish and chips" and I honestly have tears of laughter.

He says: "See Aussies always give us Kiwis shit about the way we say fish and chips...like, they think we say FUSH and CHUPS. But you know, they say it weird too."

And follows it up with a bang-on impersonation of an Australian trying to order the pub-staple.

With a strong emphasis on our over-use of the "i" sound.

In another video, Simon compares our differing names for everyday objects or phrases and, I've gotta say, I still think the Aussies take the win here. 

He takes aim at names like "doona" vs. "duvet" (I mean, come on, doona is far superior).

And, of course, the eternal argument of "thongs" vs. "jandals". JANDALS.

At the end of the day, I think both nations can admit that we have some pretty cooked expressions and ways of speaking — but as Simon points out, all our piss-taking comes from a place of love.