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An American Teen Has Pointed Out The Biggest Culture Shocks Of Attending An Aussie School

Americans thinking it's normal to have metal detectors at the entrance of schools blows my mind.

We already know that the school experiences in the US and Australia are wildly different. But it's one thing to read about those differences and another thing entirely to live them.

Which is exactly what one American, Lara Fourie, discovered when she made the move from Texas to Melbourne in 2017. In a now viral TikTok, Lara shared some of the biggest culture shocks she faced after entering the Aussie school system:


Culture shocks I had when moving to Melbourne! #australia #america

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Her first discovery — which is very on brand for team Oz — was the fact that Aussie school kids give zero fucks about swearing at school. Or should I say, cussing.

And not just in hushed whispers at the back of the class, but in full earshot of the teachers too.

Her second shock — and this one confuses the hell outta me as an Australian — was the discovery of that sweet little slice of freedom known as recess.

Which has me questioning, do Americans really only get one break at lunch? And are you really stuck in that dingy "cafeteria" with the long tables and slop-on-a-tray?

But the final and biggest culture shock she shared was the most sobering: The discovery that Aussie schools have no need for metal detectors that uncover concealed weapons.

Upon learning about Australia's strict gun control policy, Lara said she experienced "a sense of safety I've never felt before". And man, that really hit me in the guts.

In the comments, Aussies were sounding off on how proud the video made them to be Australian.

But the real question I have for y'all is this: