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    19 Things About American High Schools That Make No Sense To Australians

    I need to know if the Troy Bolton posters are based on real life happenings.

    In Australia, it's fair to say that we watch a lot of American content.

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    And high school movies are 100%, absolutely iconic.

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    From High School Musical to Mean Girls, the drama of high school in the United States is something that I personally can't resist.

    But, I gotta admit, growing up watching all these films have left me with a few questions about your schooling system.

    Read on to find out what's strange and unusual compared to an Aussie high school.

    1. How does every high schooler have a car that they're allowed to drive to school?

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    Seriously, for starters how come your schools have that much parking? We had to beat teachers to empty spots at my school. The real question though, is how come the movies make it seem that everyone can afford a car as soon as they get their license? Where's the savings at?

    2. What's the deal with extracurriculars? Are they like elective subjects you can take and do you get graded on them?


    I genuinely want to know, if you're a cheerleader and putting in all that work outside of school hours, does it count towards your grade? It should, right? Here we don't have extracurriculars and we usually go home as soon as classes are done for the day.

    3. Do any of you ever participate in any sporting stuff outside of your school?

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    For example, here in Oz, school sports are a fun thing we do, but not anything to be taken seriously. If you're any good at a sport, you join your local club and rise through the ranks that way.

    4. What are AP classes? And do you have them for every subject?

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    Tbh, I'm a little confused about how it all works. In Oz, we have a couple of classes with differing levels like Maths and English when you get into your final years — but, do you guys have AP classes for everything?

    5. Are those big American parties we see in movies real?

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    Do all of you live in massive mansions with lush gardens like we see in these movies. Do you just build things bigger over there?

    6. And at those parties, is all the alcohol supplied? In Oz, it's always BYO grog — no matter who's hosting.


    You can't just drink the host's bevvies — how rude!

    7. Can anyone go to prom? Or is it only the graduating year?


    And do you have to be a senior to be elected prom king and queen or can some freshman steal the show?

    8. What is "homecoming" and how is it different to prom? Is it a reunion of some sort?

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    And lowkey, who would be that excited to visit home again? Haven't you visited your families more than once since you left high school? Why is it a big celebration?

    9. What age are you all in your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years?

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    I feel like this is a valid question. It's confusing because all the actors that play freshmen look 25.

    10. Why is it called "sophomore" year? I understand all the others, but that one is a tad confusing.

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    I get even more confused when you go off to college and have the same names for grade nine and your first year of uni.

    11. Why do you have three schools when you're growing up? We have primary and high school, but you guys have elementary, middle and high school, right?

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    Is there a special reason you guys decided to break it up?

    12. Is there a really big divide between public and private schools in the States? Is one better than the other?

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    Or, is your education more about the work and the effort that you put in, rather than where you're receiving it?

    13. Are your schools really cliquey, or are you allowed to have multiple groups of friends?


    High School Musical really drove home that you can't have multiple interests in high school and I'm concerned.

    14. Does everyone have lunch at the same time, or is there an allocated time for different year groups to eat?

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    At my school, we all ate at the same time, but we didn't have a cafeteria we had to sit in and the majority of time we brought our own lunches. Plus, we only had about 300 kids from grade 7-12, so we were smol.

    15. And do you have to pay for school lunches in the cafeteria or are they free? If you have to pay, isn't that super expensive for an entire year?

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    Mate, canteen food was a treat when I got it, otherwise it's packed lunch all day, every day.

    16. Why do you all have individual desks?


    Is this a normal thing, or something that movies have lied to me about. I don't think I had a single desk to myself until I went to uni and attended a lecture.

    17. Are the SATs just one general knowledge test that covers multiple subjects, or do you have one test for each subject you're studying?


    In the final year of your studies in Oz, you undergo a bunch of exams. For each subject you're taking, you have to do a 2-3 hour test which is scheduled over a three week period. In the States are the SATs the only test you have to do to get into uni?

    18. Are student athletes really that big a deal in your schools? Like, hanging giant banners of your basketball team around — is that normal?


    Are kids actually just super chill having their faces printed off in close up detail to be used for high school propaganda?

    19. And finally, does high school help you get into a good college or is that just a myth?

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    Here it's more about your ATAR (average score of your final exams, compared to the graduating class of that year) that gets you into the university degree you want — not the name or the prestige of the school.

    Do you have any questions about our Aussie schools? Sound off in the comments below!

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    ^^ If I went to an American high school, all I'd want is a group of friends I could slow-mo walk down the hallways with.

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