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Paris Hilton Just Named The Irwin Family's Baby Giraffe And I'm Howling At The Name

She is an icon, and she is the moment.

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly top the news that Paris Hilton had officially joined the Irwin family — we've got a hot new announcement to warm the cockles of your icy, winter hearts.

Australia Zoo has welcomed a sweet, bubba giraffe to the family — and they’ve bestowed naming rights to Queen Paris herself, resulting in the absolutely legendary name Princess Lasagne Baby.

This announcement is the latest stunt in the epic Uber Eats campaign which has already gifted us moments like Rob Irwin calling Paris "an incredible powerhouse" and the general chaotic good of seeing the Hilton heiress lend a hand to Australia Zoo.

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Aussies can meet Princess Lasagne Baby in person at Australia Zoo, or — if you're based in Melbourne — you might even catch a glimpse of her gracing this mind-bending 3D billboard.