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These Warheads Flavoured Seltzers Have Given Me A Taste Of Hope For The First Time In 2021

It's like reliving your childhood, but as an alcohol-dependant adult.

Gen Z may trash us millennials for our love of skinny jeans, side parts and our Harry Potter houses, but there's one thing we have that they'll never be able to touch — our memories of '90s Warheads candy.

Well, some bloody good mixologists over in the States have just gone and blessed us with the taste of nostalgia — by inventing a Warheads range of hard seltzers.

Artisanal Brew Works, a New York based brewery, has teamed up with the creators of Warheads to drop the Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Seltzer!

All your fave flavours have been given the adult glow-up, including green apple, watermelon, lemon, blue raspberry and black cherry.

Unfortunately, these artisanal babies are currently only available in the States, but I reckon if every millennial Australian signs a petition demanding their import, we might be in with a fighting chance.