An American Discovered These Aussie Brands Are Pretty Much Just Rip-Offs Of Existing US Chains And I'm Shook

Okay, but first we need to acknowledge that Guzman is far superior to Chipotle.

Australians and Americans share a special kind of bond — we poke fun at your unwavering sense of US patriotism, while you tease us for our general buffoonery.

But if you compare our two great nations, you'll find that — despite our many differences — we actually share a lot of common ground.

Which is exactly what American-born Sydneysider, Sophia, discovered when she began a series of TikTok videos exploring Aussie VS. USA brand equivalents.

Sophia moved from LA to Sydney in 2020 and owns the swimwear label, Siempre Golden.

In her first video, Sophia compares some of the US and Australia's major department stores — and I've gotta say, her comments about Myer are bang-on!

She goes on to compare tech stores too and says: "JB Hi-Fi is where you get all your electronics, so I feel like it's kinda like Best Buy, but Best Buy is a bit fancier, so I'm wondering if Best Buy is more like JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman?"

Commenters shared their own comparisons too, with many pointing out the great Kmart VS. Target debate.

In her second video, Sophia compares grocery stores and, oh man, I'd be so happy if Australia had a real competitor to Trader Joe's.

She starts the video with the caveat: "Obviously the produce in Australia is just a lot better in general — like the fruit, vegetables, everything — it's much better."

She goes on to say that: "Woolworths is a lot like Ralph's — it has the staples, basic groceries, nothing fancy, but you just go there to get what you need."

In her latest comparison video, Sophia looks at our restaurant equivalents — and I'm living for her comments about "Asian" restaurants being run by non-Asians.

In comparing Sydney-based Mr. Wong to the American chain P.F. Chang's, Sophia says: "Very fancy, Asian restaurant that's not owned by Asians."

She also says: "Guzman Y Gomez is like Chipotle in the sense that you just go there, it's quick and easy, it's Mexican food, relatively healthy, nothing too fancy and it gets the job done."

She then compares chicken chains, pointing out: "Chargrill Charlie's is like California Chicken Cafe — very healthy, lots of chicken options, sandwiches, salads and some soups."

Now, in my opinion, Australia wins the gold when it comes to restaurants and fresh produce, but I've got to concede defeat to the USA's department stores and, of course, Trader Joe's.