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    PSA To My American Friends: This Is Why Kmart Is So Iconic In Australia

    American Kmart = Trash. Australian Kmart = Treasure.

    Lately, it's come to my attention that my dear American friends are utterly oblivious to the wonder and grace of an Australian shopping icon: Kmart.

    @Kmart Why are your Australian stores so much nicer? You should make the American stores like that. Or at least ship to America. Please?

    Despite the two businesses sharing the same name, the American and Australian Kmarts have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

    And while the American retailer has all but gone under, the Aussie one is deeply engrained in the very sense of our national identity.

    The US version, it seems, can only be described as a sort of post-apocalyptic hunting ground β€” devoid of joy, excitement and, most importantly, shoppers.

    for australians who have never seen an american kmart, our experience with them is much more "environmental storytelling in a fallout video game"

    As an Australian, these images truly frighten me.

    But the Aussie Kmart...oh boy. It's a place of limitless possibilities β€” a place where Australians long to be, at all hours of the day.

    @Kmart_Australia I love you. 😍😍😍😍

    I'm not kidding: When COVID-19 restrictions lifted across the city of Melbourne after three months, shoppers were caught queuing up outside their local Kmarts at midnight.

    Such is the unwavering loyalty of their love.

    just saw this on tiktok... Bruh i know how amazing Kmart is but maaaaaan we’re gonna get wave 3 if y’all keep this up 😭😭

    Kmart Australia has everything you could ever want or need β€” it's a treasure trove of items that will upgrade your entire life.

    Netflix / BuzzFeed

    From beauty, to books, to pet buys...

    BuzzFeed, Twitter / @The_SMS_ / Via Twitter: @THE_SMS_

    ...To clothing, shoes and accessories.


    Plus homewares! Oh lord, don't even get an Australian started on Kmart homewares.

    So in conclusion, USA: You may sell alcohol in your Targets and entire toilets in your Walmarts, but you will never know the true glory that is Aussie Kmart.


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