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Hot Or Not: Aussie Vs. American Food Edition

Sorry, not sorry.

1. The best place to grab a cheeky fast food feed:

2. The ultimate sporting event snack:

3. The most ideal breakfast staple:

4. The superior barbecue meal:

5. The All-American Cheeseburger or the Classic Aussie burger:

6. The elite chicken feast:

7. The quick sandwhich solution:

8. The superior style of instant coffee:

9. The life-saving late-night feed:

10. America's Dr Pepper or Australia's Creaming Soda:

11. The ultimate sleepover confectionary:

12. The top choice ice cream shop:

13. The go-to condiment:

14. The greatest festive dessert:

15. The drool-worthy after-dinner treat:

16. The game-changing road trip snack:

17. And finally, the top-tier pub bevvy:

Do you disagree with my opinions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!