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This Aussie TikToker Has Hacked Grill'd Chips At Home And I'm Salivating Already

Catch me eating hot chips for breakfast tomorrow.

Now, there's no denying that Australians are a very passionate mob when it comes to discussing their favourite hot chippies.

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And the famous Grill'd hot chips — with their signature herb mix — always rate highly:

Which is why, when Aussie fitness and health coach, Bec Hardgrave, revealed she'd found the perfect at-home alternative, I just about ran out the door to Woolies to load up on the essentials. 

In the video, which has been viewed over 360K times, Bec demonstrates exactly how to recreate the Grill'd chips at home — using just five ingredients!

In the clip, Bec asks: "Did you know the Grill'd famous chips are over 550 calories [for a regular]?"

So to hack these chips at home, Bec suggests: "Go to Woolworths and grab these frozen fries and make this spice blend — it's rosemary, thyme, oregano and flaky sea salt."

"It's super simple, it tastes exactly like the famous Grill'd chips and this whole serve was 146 calories — yum!"

In the comments section, even Grill'd had to tip their hat to Bec's re-creation — and suggested other Aussies try to hack their other menu items:

Meanwhile, other Aussies praised the recipes and called out for a DIY alternative to the drool-worthy Grill'd herb mayo.

But you tell me, fellow Aussies — which other fast food joint would you most want to see hacked for an at-home chippies recipe?