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Australian Cafes Proudly Display Their Milks To Customers And It's Peak Coffee Snobbery

If it ain't Bonsoy, it ain't worth stopping.

It's no secret that Australians consider themselves experts in the art of coffee. If you've ever travelled with one of us, you'll know how obnoxious we can be when it comes to sourcing our morning cup of Joe.

But Australian model, Jade Tuncdoruk, has brought to light just how snobbish we really are — with her bang-on observation about our beloved cafe "milk display".

"You know what I think is hilarious?" she says, "That cafes — I don't know if this happens anywhere else in the world, it's probably just Australia because everyone's a coffee snob — but cafes have started lining up the milks that they use on display. So you can see that the milk you use is there!"

She continues: "I personally love it, because if there's no Bonsoy, I'm out. Literally, I'm not getting a coffee, I'm gonna walk however far I need to keep walking to get my Bonsoy, so I do appreciate it."

She finishes with a debt of gratitude, saying: "Thank you so much to cafe owners who've started lining up their milks on display — just so we can see which milks they have."

Commenters sounded off with their hearty support for the displays — as well as their ride-or-die milks.