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For Everyone Who Silently Suffers Through The Aftertaste Of Store-Bought Pasta Salad

Do you think the taste more closely resembles soap or glue?

When it comes to Aussie mealtime heroes, few foods arouse the same sense of patriotism as a bucket of Woolies' creamy pasta salad.

But there's one thing I think we can all agree on and that is, no matter how small or large your portion, there is an inescapable aftertaste that will haunt your palate for hours after you've finished eating.

TikToker Taylah Davies ignited this great debate once again when she confessed that the aftertaste reminds her of "TV static".


I’ve been holding this is for 10 years. #australia #fyp #upcycling #foryou

♬ Up - Cardi B
And honestly, that somehow encapsulates the taste perfectly. 

In the viral clip, Taylah says that if she was on death row, pasta salad would be her last meal, but asks "as Australians, can we all collectively get together and ask what the fuck is the aftertaste?"

She then astutely demands that we should identify the offending ingredient and yeet it straight into the trash. 👋

It's safe to say that the whole conversation has really united Aussies in their shared distaste for the experience.

Some pointed out that the sour flavours were actually amplified when eaten with a metal fork, while others said that drinking soda immediately afterwards made the aftertaste even more unbearable.