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Daylight Saving Hours Are Finally Finished And I, For One, Am Fucking Thrilled About It

Morning people > night owls.

Yes, I said it and I stand by it resolutely: The season of daylight saving is officially over in Australia and I couldn't be happier.

In the summertime, sure, I look forward to the onset of daylight saving as much as the next Aussie — after all, endless, sun-drenched afternoons and 9pm sunset drinks are hard to argue with.

But once autumn sets in and the days gradually get cooler and darker, I cannot stand the gloomy, dimly-lit mornings and a sun that lazily rises at 7am.

Could not be more bloody ready for bloody daylight saving to end this weekend. Ridiculous it goes this far into autumn.

Twitter: @heidimur

Frankly, it's depressing waking up before the sun does.

Because what I've discovered truly divides the daylight saving worshippers from those who can't wait to see the end of it is either a love or hatred of early mornings.

When it's dark until 7am, you just want to lie in bed, curled up beneath the covers, unwilling to greet the start of a new day.

But when first light is at 5:45am and those sweet, golden rays of light begin to slowly leak through your curtains after six, it's like being caressed awake by a warm hug — one that leaves you feeling confident and capable to take on another day.

It also means that for those glorious few days just after the clocks have changed, you're still naturally waking up early — but with a new spicy, sunny hour all to yourself.

And while the USA may be fighting to make daylight saving hours permanent from 2023, I will personally riot if they try and pass the same law in Australia.

To anyone suggesting daylight savings should be longer or permanent, I am prepared to physically fight you. I need light in the morning

Twitter: @JoshMilthorpe

And I think an army Queenslanders would agree with me.

But you tell me, when it comes to daylight saving, where do you fall?