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I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But "Australian Idol" Is Launching A Comeback


It's been off the air for 12 years, but today it was announced that Australian Idol — yes, you read that right — is making a comeback on Channel Seven.

Yep, the show that gave us the iconic Mark Holden touchdown, as well as launched the careers of Guy Sebastian, Stan Walker, Jessica Mauboy and Matt Corby, to name a few, will once again will be back on Aussie screens.

There's been no word yet on who the judges or hosts will be, but I'm hoping they'll go down the nostalgic route and bring back Osher Günsberg.

The launch date is set for 2022, so there's plenty of time for the bigwigs to get it sorted. But, wow, this year is turning out to be an interesting one for sure.