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Chris Evans Explained Why He's Stepping Back From Acting

"Ultimately, I really hope to just maybe act a little bit less in my life. I have a lot of other interests. Look, by no means have I climbed any sort of a mountain in this field. I have no Oscars, and I’m not lumped with other names that are at the top of the mountain in any way."

People Are Calling Out Adult Consumers Who "Ruined" These Things For Kids, And Whew, They Didn't Hold Back

"I used to work at Chuck E. Cheese 20 years ago around the time when they discontinued ball pits in every store. It's wild seeing that adults would throw dirty diapers and trash in there when they could have AT LEAST just left it on their table... Let me tell you, you can fill up over five large trash bins a week, and it's just purely disgusting how often kids throw up or make accidents in there with no report."

Jimmy Fallon interrupted his guest to make a fat joke, so the guest walked out

11 Times Celebs Or Hosts Actually Got Up And Walked Off A Late Night Show

During a 1989 roundtable discussion about comedy on The Late Show, Keith Allen argued with the other guests until a producer jokingly told him to shut up because she didn't like his show. In response, he screamed, "HOW DARE YOU?" and called her names before storming off.

I Genuinely Feel Sorry For These 16 Adults Who Went Through Life Thinking They Were Normal Until Someone Was Like "Literally WTF Are You Doing?!?!?!?"

"My brother and I used to play a game we made up called 'bus stop.' I thought it was a totally normal and fun thing until I was much older, and my friend pointed out that this 'game' was literally just the two of us wandering around aimlessly while eating popsicles."

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