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People Are Sharing The Life-Changing Habits That Massively Improved Their Mental Health, And You'll Want To Take Notes

"It's perfectly NORMAL to have bad days. You're not different from others. We all have bad days every week. Do not let social media or others around fool you. Nobody is living the best day of their life every day, and you have to have bad days to truly enjoy the great ones."

"WHAT IF I'M BALD" — This Woman Went Viral For Calling Out The "What About Me Effect" On Social Media, And It's A Reminder To Think Before You Type

"The What About Me Effect is when someone sees something that doesn't really pertain to them, or they can't fully relate to, and they find a way to make it about them, or try to seek out certain accommodations for their very nuanced personalized situation instead of recognizing that maybe they're just not the target audience for that thing."

23 Of The Funniest, Cringiest, And Most Unhinged Things Patients Have Ever Heard From Medical Professionals

"I was told, 'Whoops! I’m just going to kind of…tack it on. It’ll probably hold,' while having my fingertip reattached after a freak accident. As I left the ER, a different medical professional said to me, 'Oh, wow. They saved it? We were sure you were going to lose it. We even placed bets!'"

People Who've Been Put Under Anesthesia Are Sharing The Freakiest Things That Happened, And It's Wild

"I woke up in the middle of a neurologist trying to clip an aneurysm in my brain. I reached my hand up, grabbed the surgeon's hand, and said, 'You're hurting me.' Several staff, including the anesthesiologist, screamed. The doctor asked me where the pain was and then practically shouted at the anaesthesiologist to 'get her under.' Afterward, the anaesthesiologist came to apologize."

"I Was Dumbfounded And Kept Waiting For Him To Start Laughing" — Women Shared The Most Horrifically Incorrect Things They Heard Men Say About The Female Body

"A lot of people think women can hold period blood like they can hold their pee. A friend of mine once got mad at me because I started my period in the middle of a movie at the theater, so I got up to go put in a tampon. He asked me why didn't I hold it until the end of the movie?"

19 Older Adults Are Sharing The Best Things About Being In Your 60s, And As A Younger Person, I Feel Immense Relief

"There's a certain, almost dangerous, level of personal liberation.... This liberation in me, at least, has manifested in almost extreme levels of mouthiness. I say what I am feeling and thinking, I am NOT sensitive to anyone's attempts to hurt my feelings, and I don't really care if I hurt their feelings, either."

Women Are Sharing "Disgusting Habits" That People Secretly And Not-So-Secretly Do, And I Didn't See 70% Of These Coming

"Not washing their legs and just letting the water running down clean them. Soap doesn’t automatically get rid of bacteria. The whole reason we wash our hands is because the rubbing creates bubbles which pick up the bacteria, which then get rinsed away by the water. You gotta actually scrub your legs and feet!"

15 Sustainable Hacks That Are Actually Worth Your Time

"I do this, too! Also, for big fluffy socks that are not wearable anymore, I cut a thicker piece and use them on my wrists and arms when washing my face at night so water doesn't drip down to my elbows."

Ex-Best Friends Are Sharing The "The Real Reason" They're Not Friends Anymore

"When your 'best friend' of 15 years always acts like they’re the main character and you are only there to support the plot, like an extra in their play. It took some time to realize they needed to make me feel inferior in order for them to feel superior. And when you stop playing the part you are not useful for them anymore."

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