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"The Dude Was Living A Double Life": 20 Times Couples Called Off Their Weddings For Wild Reasons

"I was going to be a guest at a wedding and found out it was canceled two weeks before the date. The bride found out that the groom had gotten a significant discount on the price of the venue, and she was insanely angry that anything at her wedding cost less than premium. Keep in mind, this was her dream venue that she had chosen. She was just mad that her fiancé was 'cheap,' or something. I was never super close to either of them, but the last I heard they never ended up getting married."

Larry Fitzmaurice 9 hours ago

People Are Revealing The Unforgivable Things Their Ex-Spouse Did That Led Them To Divorce After Less Than A Year Of Marriage

"He really went from being the perfect, attentive boyfriend to the world's laziest husband. ... He was not the same person, and it seemed as if he'd lost motivation to work on our relationship with fun date nights and quality time as soon as he signed the dotted line."

ring and worried reaction captioned "I realized he was literally trying to propose to his Disney World"

People Are Sharing The Wild Public Proposal Fails They've Witnessed, And All I Can Say Is, Please Don't Propose In Public If You Aren't 100% Positive The Answer Is "Yes"

"Pilot here. Guy asked me to fly him and his S.O. over a field, where 150 people had formed a heart and two rings. Huge show; I was really impressed. When she saw it, her response was, 'Look at all those idiots! How ridiculous is that??'"

Brides Are Revealing "How Their Mother-In-Laws Ruined Their Weddings" And It's Messier Than I Could've Ever Imagined

"My MIL 'disappeared' from the hallway and missed her cue to be escorted to her seat. She magically reappeared after my maid of honor walked, trotting up the aisle like a show pony before me, waving, kissing, and greeting everyone on their side. She probably took five minutes to get to her seat."

"I Firmly Believed I'd Be Single Forever": 19 Heartwarming And Heart-Wrenching Stories From People Who Found Love Later In Life

"I’m 69, and my wife is 68. I was 41 when we met. We have five kids, two of mine and three of hers. I love her more each year it seems and can’t imagine life without her. We both screwed up big time in the first half of our lives, but we learned from our mistakes. When we met, we were ready for a real, committed relationship and went all in."

Scarlett Johansson in "Marriage Story"

These Women Revealed What It's Like Being Stuck In Toxic Marriages, And I Commend Them For Their Honesty

"If I woke up before him, I had to cuddle with him before getting out of bed (otherwise he'd get upset). Then I had to be VERY quiet walking around if he was still asleep (he'd also get upset at that). Leaving him was the best decision I ever made — I just wish I didn't waste 12 years with such a loser."

A 17-Year-Old Wasn't Invited To Her Dad's Kid-Free Wedding Because She Wasn't 18, So She Blasted Him On Social Media, And Now She's Being Called Immature

"On the day of the wedding, I am still going to be 17. Therefore, I’m not allowed to be at the wedding because Anna wants to stay true to the child-free rule — even for the daughter of the groom and her about-to-be stepdaughter..."

"I Cried At My Wedding, And It Wasn’t Tears Of Joy." Here's Why 15 Brides Decided To Call Off Their Marriage On Their Wedding Day

"I caught my husband-to-be being intimate with my maid of honor (former best friend) on our wedding day. My friends tried to tell me, and I wouldn't listen. What could either of them say? They were caught. I immediately went to my dad, calmly told him what happened, and then walked down the aisle by myself...and made an announcement to the invited guests that the wedding was off."

"I Couldn't Handle It Anymore": Here's Why 17 Brides Decided To Call Off Their Wedding And Never Look Back

"I found out the day of my wedding while getting my makeup done that my soon-to-be husband was on Tinder. I found out because while GETTING READY FOR OUR WEDDING, he had matched with one of the guest's cousins and was actively messaging her trying to plan to see her before we went on our honeymoon ... I didn't say anything to anyone other than my family, and I left."

People Are Revealing The Most Toxic Things Their In-Laws Did At Their Wedding, And Boy, Does It Get Messy

"My in-laws were married 26 years, and I know this because we were at their 25th vow renewal. Then, the Monday before our wedding, they announced their divorce. They couldn't wait ONE WEEK to tell their son, or after our honeymoon?! So selfish, and my husband was beyond hurt and upset ... Our wedding memories are tainted by their selfishness."

People Are Revealing Signs That Scream A Relationship Won't Last, And Some Of Them Are So Subtle, They'll Surprise You

"I always think of 'the bird theory.' If one person says to the other, 'Oh, look! A bird!' and the other doesn't want to connect over the bird (just looking at it and giving a 'hey, thanks — that's a cool bird'), the relationship isn't going to go well. Basically, you have to be willing to make small, everyday connections."

This 30-Year-Old Unknowingly Attended Her Own Wedding, And Now Her Boyfriend Is Upset That She Didn't Go Through With It

"I wanted a say in the planning process, to be part of the decision-making, and to have the chance to prepare mentally and emotionally for such a significant milestone in our lives. However, Mark dismissed my concerns, saying that he thought it would be a romantic gesture and that I would be thrilled," she said.

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