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A Crunchie Is Just A Poor Man's Violet Crumble And It's Time We Admitted It

Why do all Crunchies have one side that's bubbly-soft and one side that's guaranteed to crack a tooth?

Alright, listen up, my fellow Australians — or any taste-aficionado who has experienced the pleasure of a Violet Crumble.

For years, I have endured the culinary-injustice of witnessing Crunchies celebrated as the king of honeycomb chocolate treats — but I will stand for it no longer.

It's time that we accept the Crunchie for what it is — an overly sweet, terribly airy, honeycomb imposter! — and accept the Australian-made Violet Crumble as the vastly superior chocolate bar.

Now, because I'm a woman of principals, I don't just expect you take my word for it — Reddit user u/Mr_ck has already done much of the work for me, in his thread titled "Crunchie VS. Violet Crumble."

"Your friend’s opinion is not to be trusted — there are many differences and the Violet Crumble is clearly the superior of the two."


"Not the same. Texture is different. Crunchie is a poor man's Violet Crumble."


"They're 100% different. Your friend must be a heavy smoker, with no working taste buds."


"They’re different. Crunchies have a hard-as-fuck side and a side that's more 'dissolve-in-your-mouth'. Violet Crumbles are more like your standard chocolate covered honeycomb, but longer."


But let's break it down further than just opinion here. For starters, I'd ask you to examine a crucial element of quality honeycomb — texture.

Secondly, length and girth. Yes, we're going all in here.

And finally, economic value.