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Aussies Are Celebrating The Macca's Choccy Soft Serve, But '90s Kids Know It's Been There All Along

Did no one else order these as a child?

Look, there's nothing we love more than Macca's dropping a new menu item.

Which is why Aussies collectively lost their minds when they discovered that Macca's was trialling a choccy soft serve for a "limited time only".


GO NOW BEFORE THEYRE GONESKIES #maccas #mcdonalds @McDonald’s Australia PLEASE KEEP THESE

♬ original sound - Tilly Whitfeld

A TikTok by Big Brother contestant Tilly Whitfield is spreading the news that choc soft serves are back, with Tilly imploring us to "go now before they're goneskies". The TikTok shows a sign that's been put up at Tilly's local Macca's that says "we are trialling new chocolate soft serve for a limited time only, try one today".

Macca's has separately confirmed that the trial is happening in select locations across NSW, Qld and SA.

But I'm here to bust an illusion or two...

Turns out choc soft serves have *always* been on the menu.

A close up of someone holding a McDonald's chocolate soft serve

I will personally stake my life on the fact that they've been around since at least the early noughties.

And while — yes, it's true — "secret menu" choc soft serves are admittedly hard to actually obtain, they're by no means mythical.

So yes, the new roll out of chocolate soft serves is absolutely something we should all get behind because it's been the best Macca's menu item we could never reliably enjoy — until maybe now.