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Baileys Is Now Available In An Espresso Flavour And I've Never Wanted Something More

Espresso martinis are about to become all-star.

From churros to apple pie to goddamn Milo — there ain't a hell of a lot that Baileys doesn't pair well with.

So if you (like me) have been anxiously awaiting a caffeinated version of our favourite creamy treat, then prepare to feast your eyes on this brand new drop: Baileys Espresso Crème Flavoured Liqueur!

You can enjoy this bad boy neat, splashed into a cheeky coffee, or thrown into a tiramisu — and why the hell not? The world's your Baileys-spiked oyster!

It's available now, exclusively at BWS and Dan Murphy’s, for the very reasonable price of $38. That said, we can't guarantee it'll last — so get your act together before weekend drinks.