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I Tried Baileys With Milo Because The Internet Told Me To

Milo and milk is so passé. Milo and Baileys? She's the future.

When it comes to taste-testing ~innovative~ new Aussie flavours, I'm all in.

So you better believe my interest was piqued when this absolutely genius recipe hack dropped on TikTok — which combines Australia's favourite malt drink, Milo, with the world's favourite creamy tipple, Baileys.

Throw a cheeky shot of coffee in her and we've really got ourselves a party.

PSA: To make the recipe for yourself, you need one of those zesty at-home milk frothers — like the kind you get with a Nespresso coffee pod machine.

To the frother, you just add your shot of Baileys and a couple of scoops of Milo.

Then in with the milk of your choice and watch that baby blitz!

Pour her into a glass with extra Milo (for good luck), plop in a scoop of your favourite ice cream, and get ready to weep at the taste sensation.

And I'm not the only one totally obsessed with this brilliant hack:

But the real question I have for you all is below.

Let us know your thoughts on this epic recipe in the comments below!