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Lili Reinhart Just Asked Twitter To Debunk This Movie Myth And The Responses Are Just Too Good

Is splashing your face with water to help calm you down really a thing?

By now I'm sure you're aware of Lili Reinhart, aka the sweetheart that plays Betty on Riverdale.

She's been known to pump out some pretty hilarious tweets, including this relatable gem.

"I'm probably just eating so much because I'm about to get my period," I say, every day of the month, 365 days a year.

But this morning, Lili decided to ask the people of Twitter a very important and interesting question.

In real life— do people actually go into the bathroom and splash their faces with water to calm down? Or does that only happen in movies...?

My first thought was that surely the whole "splash your water on your face to calm down" thing has to be fake. Like who has time for that???

And scrolling through the replies, it seemed like everyone was in agreement with me.

@lilireinhart Only in the movies

@lilireinhart And ruin my makeup? I don't think so.

@lilireinhart I tried it once and it actually made me more cranky because I was overwhelmed AND wet

@lilireinhart i tried it once and almost drowned myself

That's until I stumbled across these tweets. Yup, turns out there are people that actually do the whole face splash thing because it helps with their anxiety.

@lilireinhart I actually do this Kind of like hitting the reset button

@Joo_Gaza @xoHusnaaxo @lilireinhart I have to do it when my anxiety gets quite bad, I begin to sweat and overheat so I Splash my face with cold water to chill out for a bit

@lilireinhart YES. Cold water is a way to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system. So, when you’re feeling very stressed, over-emotional, or anxious it’s a way to “reset” and self-regulate by increasing blood flow back to the brain, lowering heart rate, etc.

While I agree that this does sound legitimate, there were some that took the face splashing to a whole other level.

@lilireinhart I take my cue from Joan Crawford. When I need to calm down, water by itself (that’s kid stuff!) just won’t do...

@lilireinhart I dunk my face in a bucket of ice sometimes

So I guess the only thing left to do is ask you guys.