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Aussies Are Arguing About Whether Hungry Jack's Or Macca's Is Better And I'm So Conflicted

POV: You just got your red p plates — where are we going?

During my humble upbringing in the '90s and early '00s, getting Hungry Jack's was the mightiest of all treats.


I mean, those paper crowns — are you kidding me? I'm sure they made a lot more sense in countries where the fast food restaurant was called Burger King, but still.

So I've always thought of Hungry Jack's as the superior fast food destination in comparison to Macca's — based purely on nostalgia and my love of that smokey, chargrilled beef patty taste.

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This isn't to say I wouldn't smash Macca's any day of the week — I'm just more of a Hungry Jack's stan. 

And it seems like I'm not the only one, because Reddit user u/CodApprehensive526 posted a thread about it too.

"Hungry Jack's is 10x better than Macca's. What can I say? The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. No, but on a serious note — I always get disappointment from Macca's, but not once have I been disappointed with Hungry Jack's. And no I haven't been paid by their PR agency."

Aussies were quick to respond with their own opinions on the matter — and I've got to say, the responses have me second guessing where my loyalties lie.


Here are the most popular responses!

1. "Once Hungry Jack's put BBQ sauce instead of chocolate fudge on my sundae."


2. "Macca's is consistent. Good HJ's is better than Macca's, but Macca's is better than bad HJ's."


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3. "The balance of sauce vs. mayo on a Whopper is so important — and so inconsistent. A good Whopper with everything balanced is magnificent."


4. "I had HJ's recently and ordered their Rebel Whopper. God, it was hard as a brick and dry, but when it first released, it was the best thing ever. I haven’t ever encountered bad Macca's — it’s all consistent and once in a while I get fresh, good Macca's."


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5. "Macca's is a little too consistent, they've literally engineered their burgers for consistency. Personally, I find them lifeless and without taste."


6. "The beef at Hungry Jack's definitely feels tastier, TBH."


7. "Double Angry Whopper — 11/10."


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8. "Their [Hungry Jack's] beef patties shit all over McDonald's. It's actually embarrassing how much better they are compared to their competitor. Just a richer tasting, smokier and more balanced beef patty."


9. "The only beef (lol) I have with Hungry Jack's is how they've changed their onion rings. I don't care that the new ones are made with 'real' onions, I'd prefer those deliciously hyper-processed crispy little circles any day!"


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10. "I love my snobby food. Fancy burger joints that have smash burgers with aged beef and good potato buns. But a McDonald's cheeseburger is just the perfect combination of meat, cheese, pickles, sauce and bun. I rarely order anything else if I go there. Sometimes a double cheeseburger. HJ's has the Bacon Deluxe, which is pretty solid, but it doesn't hold a candle to the McDonald's cheeseburger."


11. "Their [Hungry Jack's] burgers are better than McDonald's burgers, but that’s it. McDonald’s does everything else better."


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12. "They [Hungry Jack's] have veggie burgers that absolutely slap too. McDonald's had one for like a year then yeeted it from existence."


13. "I feel like I used to enjoy Macca's so much, but as I’ve gotten older it’s gotten worse. Hungry Jack's always tastes good, they’re not stingy with the sauce and you actually feel full after having a meal from there."


14. "You guys aren't ordering Double Quarter Pounders. Best fast food burger you can get rn."


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15. "Depending on the store, Whoppers can be a little too greasy at times. But Hungry Jack's is still way better than McDonald's."


16. "Most burgers are better at HJ's. They taste fresher with the onions and tomato — and the beef is nicer. I haven’t had a chicken burger from there in years. Macca's seems to flood everything in sauce. Also the chunkier chips HJ's have moved to are bloody awesome! When they're fresh and they get that salt seasoning just right? Mmmmmmm."


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17. "I'm a vegan so the Rebel Whopper is killer if you want a fast food fix. I like McDonald's fries better though."


18. "There is no better burger than a McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder. Not the single, the double. The meat to bread to cheese ratio is perfection. You can't change my mind."


19. And finally, "Unpopular opinion: Red Rooster is the best fast food."


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Some Reddit submissions have been ended for length and/or clarity.

  1. It's time for you to have your say — if you're hungry and on the road, are you stopping at Hungry Jack's or Macca's?

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It's time for you to have your say — if you're hungry and on the road, are you stopping at Hungry Jack's or Macca's?
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