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17 Things That The Rest Of The World Finds Weird About Australia

The world has spoken — Australia is weirder than we ever realised.

Clare Aston • 3 days ago

PSA Muggles: The Dark Mark Hit Aussie Cities Last Night And This Is Why

*Whispers in reverence.* The Dark Lord has come.

Clare Aston • 5 days ago

What's The Weirdest Aussie Thing You Discovered After Moving To Australia?

Australians don't know how weird they are, until you tell them.

Clare Aston • 10 days ago

Choose Between These Outfit Options And We'll Try And Guess Where You're From In Oz

Because fashion goes out the window with that first burst of fresh spring air.

Clare Aston • 10 days ago
Clare Aston • 12 days ago
Clare Aston • 14 days ago

Dating As An Adult Is Hard And Here Are 21 Tumblr Posts That Prove It

True love is a myth and you're all high on serotonin.

Clare Aston • 17 days ago

23 Situations That You Never Realised Were Expensive Until You Became An Adult

Could someone please explain why adulting is so damn expensive?

Clare Aston • 17 days ago

15 Tips For Anyone Who Works Full-Time And Is Still Studying

Going back to study might seem impossible, but trust me, you can do this!

Clare Aston • 18 days ago
Clare Aston • 19 days ago
Clare Aston • 21 days ago
Clare Aston • 25 days ago
Clare Aston • 27 days ago

If You Can Get 28/32 On This Aussie YA Quiz Then You're A Bonafide Expert

You'll find me reading these where the "trees make canopies over-head and where you can sit on top of them and see forever."

Clare Aston • One month ago

19 Things Everyone Goes Through When They're "Studying" But Not Actually Studying

Thinking about studying is at least better than doing nothing, right?

Clare Aston • One month ago

15 Bookstores In Sydney That Are Just Perfect For Bookworms

If you ever need to find me, I'll be here.

Clare Aston • One month ago
Clare Aston • One month ago
Clare Aston • One month ago

Only Australians Will Be Able To Get 100% On This Quiz

This quiz is going to be hard yakka if you don't even know what the nutbush is.

Clare Aston • One month ago
Clare Aston • One month ago