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    15 Tweets From People Who Have Cancelled April Fool's Day This Year

    Honestly, the entirety of 2020 feels like a prank gone wrong.

    1. This person, who is calling 2020 what it is.

    ppl : April Fools Day! April Mop everyone! me : Jan : WW3 issue, Jakarta floods Feb : Australia on fire March : Coronavirus pandemy 2020 has been a joke already

    Via Twitter: @lemcqnide

    2. This prophet, who is giving a heads up to the rest of the world.

    You should be grateful that Australia is living in the future because we can warn you in advance of how many asshats make a joke about having coronavirus for April Fools Day.

    Via Twitter: @pikateychu

    3. And this Aussie, who is already done with April 1.

    It’s already April Fools here in Australia and I don’t see the point of today as this whole year has been a joke

    Via Twitter: @enriqueaplus9

    4. This person, who is speaking nothing but the truth.

    It's #AprilFools day in Australia But the fools are those that are not staying home ... and in the process endangering other peoples' lives !!

    Via Twitter: @RozzieVox

    5. This rule-maker, who has laid down the law for everyone else.

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but APRIL FOOLS DAY IS CANCELED. 2020 has been too much to handle so don’t even think about hitting me with bad news tomorrow when it’s not even real. Don’t do it.

    Via Twitter: @BrookeWishard

    6. This hard worker, who is just hoping for some respite.

    I just need 2020 to come out today and say ‘April fools everyone I was just kidding, enjoy the rest of your year!’

    Via Twitter: @bonenhlesishi

    7. This person, who is in the process of making a bleak looking list.

    -A virus has caused havoc in the whole world -The Amazon saw a widespread forest fire -Australia saw deadly and huge bushfires -US killed Iran’s Revolutionary Gaurd’s General -Shiva Sena has come up with a coalition with the congress and the NCP Happy April Fools

    Via Twitter: @thisis_Pradeek

    8. This person, who honestly, asked a fair question.

    I can’t believe we have to live through April fools day and coronavirus at the same time HAVEN’T WE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH

    Via Twitter: @carlyylalaa

    9. This person, who is just done with the world.

    April fools day is cancelled this year cause no made up prank could match the unbelievable shit happening in the world right now.

    Via Twitter: @nkosazana_the

    10. This mindreader, who is also the collective human race RN.

    Everyone during #AprilFools 2020:

    Via Twitter: @JoesintheVan

    11. This person, who is taking this time for self-reflection.

    April fools but we’ve all been taken for fools by 2020.

    Via Twitter: @wayez171

    12. This person, who is (politely) asking people to have some compassion.

    Hey all I know it's April fools day tomorrow. I have one thing to ask all of my followers. Please DO NOT post any April fools jokes about catching or getting COVID-19. Please be Courteous about this really deadly virus going around. Thanks. Neko

    Via Twitter: @NekoHaiku

    13. And this person, who is (bluntly) telling people they're just about done.

    I can’t wait to block every account that makes an April fools joke tomorrow

    Via Twitter: @GlamandGore

    14. This jokester, who is funny because it's true.

    april fools is gonna be dead this year, what you gonna do? tell me the pub’s open?

    Via Twitter: @jxeker

    15. And finally, this ray of sunshine, who despite it all, is still keeping a positive outlook.

    That moment you realise it’s April Fools Day but none of this is a joke. Good thing I have a cute co-worker to distract me. #petsoflatrobe

    Via Twitter: @fjkelly666

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