Just 17 Photos Of Overly-Organised Homes That Weirdly Turn Me On

    I'm hyperventilating — someone pass me a label maker.

    1. This pastel pantry that is honest to goodness the most beautiful thing I've seen this year.

    2. This array of spices that makes me want to take salt bae and turn him into salt husband.

    3. This colour-coordinated fridge that makes eating healthy actually seem possible.

    4. This garage that is its own DIY project.

    5. This perfectly spaced pantry that's full of earthy vibes and makes me want to crawl into the corner and sleep there.

    6. This closet space, which has me running to where I've shoved my towels and rolling them up like there's no tomorrow.

    7. This laundry organisation and system, which is so thought out that parts of my brain have died from excited screaming.

    8. This bookshelf that makes me feel like I'm moving through a rainbow library.

    9. This fridge which, quite frankly, astounds me — who knew all those greens could look so luscious?

    10. This craft station on wheels that makes me want to get down on my hands and knees and draw all over the walls.

    11. This unique way of filing that has me wanting to run my fingertips over the tops of all these bad boys.

    12. This gorgeous makeup station that would make doing your face every morning an absolute dream.

    13. This pantry, which is simple and achievable, but whose lighting takes it to the next level.

    14. This bathroom cabinet that is perfectly aligned for every guest's needs.

    15. This little manicure drawer, where each tiny tool has its own space.

    16. This rustic pantry that makes me want to waltz around the house like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

    17. And finally, this garden shed which makes me want to become a mother to a bunch of plant babies.