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    19 Frangipani-Themed Items Every Aussie Teenager Had But 100% Forgot About

    There used to be a 'pani on every corner of every street.

    A while back, I was strolling around the Watson's Bay and Vaucluse area, marvelling at how the other half live, when I noticed endless amounts of frangipani trees. The fallen flowers littered underfoot and the sweet yellow and white curling pattern was blinding in the sun — quite idyllic really.

    Close up of a frangipani tree with half bloomed flowers and fully formed ones
    Amelia Stanojevic / BuzzFeed

    It was then I realised that I hadn't seen a frangipani tree in eons. Where did they all go? When I was in high school, every one was OBSESSED with frangipanis and you couldn't go a block without seeing some sign of them.


    Don't you remember? The earrings, the phone cases, the key rings for phones — it was truly a time. Inspired by that, here's some of the most iconic '00s frangipani pieces, which I guarantee will make you think: "Oh yeah, where DID all the frangipanis go?"

    1. First off — the accessory that started it all: The frangipani hair clip.

    Large frangipani clip behind someone's ear
    DHgate / Via|594502797

    2. Which then progressed to these colourful, yet smaller, renditions.

    Smaller frangipani clips in a variety of different colours
    DHgate / Via|594502797

    3. And for even more frangipani hair delight, you could get them attached to these thick, black hair ties.

    Frangipani fake flowers tied attached with a thick hair tie
    AliExpress / Via

    4. There were frangipani ceramics that you would, for some reason, hang on your wall.

    Close up of ceramic frangipani pieces
    Coastal Ceramics / Via

    5. But maybe, that was just so they could match the frangipani bedspread you'd just bought.

    Colourful bedspread featuring large frangipanis with smaller ones on the sheets
    Lowes / Via

    6. Everyone had a version of this photo on their Facebook wall.

    Person holding out a frangipani flower with a foliage backdrop
    Raphael Brasileiro / Pexels

    Most likely in a Facebook photo album captioned "2013 Memories: Part 1".

    7. There were these frangipani earrings that everyone (myself included) was wearing in high school.

    8. And if you were really cool, you definitely had the matching necklace.

    9. Plus, this frangipani jewellery box was perfect for storing the aforementioned frangipani accessories.

    Small box with frangipani on the lid
    Gumtree / Via

    10. Your friends got you a frangipani framed photo of your #squad for at least one of your birthdays.

    Plain photo frame except for the one frangipani on the top
    Ebay / Via

    11. If you had a phone (i.e. a pink Motorola Razr or a Nokia), then you also definitely had a dangly frangipani phone charm.

    Small frangipani attached to a thick thread
    Crystalbelle / Via

    12. Or, if you hadn't convinced your parents to get you a phone yet, you'd put a frangipani keychain onto your one house key.

    Metal frangipani keychain
    Ebay / Via

    13. Your mum also jumped on the bandwagon with these wineglass charms, so "none of the girls got their glasses mixed up".

    Different coloured frangipanis and beads threaded onto a circular piece of wire that hooks around wine glasses
    AliExpress / Via

    14. These frangipani headbands marked the birth of the "Byron festival girl" stereotype.

    Small foam-like frangipanis roped together on a black headband
    AliExpress / Via

    15. Everyone knew someone who had something like this on their walls — especially if they lived by the beach.

    Close up of a bunch of frangipani flowers which have been cut into four different canvases
    Wish / Via

    16. And they also probably owned this towel.

    Bright beach towel with frangipanis and the word "Australia" written on it
    Australia The Gift / Via

    17. If you wanted to be like the popular kids, you definitely had a variation of this pencil case.

    Large pencil case with frangipanis that look drawn on
    Amazon / Via

    18. And at one point in your life, a distant relative bought this pack for you on some teenage birthday.

    A collection of a frangipani soy candle, frangipani soap, seashells and a ceramic frangipani
    Ebay / Via

    19. And finally, if you were able to drive, a frangipani car air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror meant you were living the life.

    Package of frangipani air fresheners showing multiple flowers that would be hung in the car
    Ebay / Via

    Petition to bring back the frangipani paraphernalia!


    Purely so I can deck out my ~modern~ apartment with a new frangipani aesthetic.

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