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    25 Uni Housing Experiences That Student Commuters Just Won't Get

    Including using a goon bag for a pillow and drunk crying.

    1. First up, immediately getting lost as you figure out where the hell you are in relation to the city, the campus, and the bottle-o.

    2. Going from strangers to best friends in five seconds flat with your new neighbours.

    3. And then realising, "Oop...maybe you don't want to be friends with this person".

    4. Having a weirdly cheery person who eventually identifies themselves as a RA.

    5. And then learning how to avoid them and their positive attitude constantly.

    6. Learning the fun effects of alcohol and pushing your body to its limits by consuming just so, so much of it.

    7. Plus, finally understanding what goon is and why everyone loves it so much.

    Person pouring wine from a goon bag into a coffee mug

    8. Although, there was that one person who swore by red goon and cola...which does not sound like a good time.

    9. Having to do those "Welcome to Housing" getting to know you nights.

    10. And having housing parties where nostalgic bangers like "S Club 7" were continually blasted.

    11. Going to Woolies and realising that random household stuff is way more expensive than you thought it would be.

    12. And then exclusively shopping the no-name brands because it was cheaper.

    13. Or, trekking it to a far off ALDI because it was even cheaper there.

    14. Beginning a loving relationship with Kmart, because they have everything you need to ~decorate~ your room.

    15. Having an extreme hate for other universities and their housing accoms.

    16. Absolutely loving the fact that you could wake up 10 minutes before your 9 a.m. lecture.

    17. And feeling sorry for the people who had to trek in from the outskirts of Sydney to get to uni each day.

    18. Rocking up to almost every tute hungover.

    19. Sneaking your friends past security because you didn't notify anyone that they were visiting.

    20. Dressing up for all the theme nights that you normally would never have participated in.

    21. And having housing "balls" that were an absolute blowout.

    22. Being an absolute ratbag of a fresher β€” but also absolutely loathing freshers if you were still living in your accom in later years.

    23. Having an absolute mountain of laundry and lugging it down to the shared laundromat only to realise that EVERY machine was full.

    24. Meeting a bunch of international students and letting them in on the true joys of Aussie culture.

    25. And finally, moving out of uni housing into your own accom and realising you've never felt more ~adult~.