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This Feud Between Grill'd And KFC Is So Hilarious It's Getting Me Through The Week

Grill'd has no chill.

I think it's safe to say that over the past year we've some ~interesting~ things happening with big name brands.

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Hungry Jack's / Via

Like that time, in Australia, when Hungry Jack's released their "Big Jack" burger and Macca's got maaaad. What a moment.

I love how Hungry Jacks gets sued by Maccas and they make an ad about it and tell everyone their burgers are still better ๐Ÿ˜‚

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And now it seems like two more fast food joints are battling it out โ€” KFC vs Grill'd.

A box of KFC next to the inside of a Grill'd with "VS" in the middle

From what I understand, Grill'd has launched a new rival KFC product called "Healthy Fried Chicken (HFC) Hot Bites".

Pieces of chicken in a small container with the label "HFC Bites โ€” 100% natural" and the caption "Ummm it's HFC not KFC"

And they truly went all out with the promo. I'm both equally impressed, humoured and hungry.

First up, they put media trucks outside KFC stores in Sydney and Melbourne, and offered free HFC to KFC employees if they rocked up in their uniforms.

A Grill'd truck outside of a KFC with the caption "Dear KFC employees, you get free HFC"

Now, they've paid an impersonator Colonel (AKA the iconic KFC Mr. Sanders) to eat Grill'd hot bites.

Impersonator eating a piece of chicken with the caption "Oh, what's this? Someone taking a photo of me just as I tuck into my HFC... how scandalous"

It's the staged paparazzi shots for me. I respect the commitment of the PR.

Impersonator eating Grill'd outside with a KFC store sign perfectly clear in the background

Does the person who orchestrated this deserve a raise? Yes, yes they do.

Impersonator walking out of Grill'd with a bag in hand

And you know what โ€” I'm torn. I've frequented both KFC and Grill'd plenty of times, and they both hold a special place in my heart.