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    Smith's Has Brought Back Some Iconic Chippy Flavours And It's Time To Get Chomping

    We're talking Garlic Bread and Sausage Sizzle snacks here, people.

    So, you know Smith's, yeah? The Aussie chip brand that we've all been pulling off shelves for backyard BBQs and pre-drink snacks since the dawn of time.


    It's definitely the chip your mum whacked in between two pieces of Wonder White and thrust into your wet hands as you climbed out of the pool.

    Well, this year they're celebrating their 90th birthday!


    Yep, you read that right — Smith's have been delivering beautiful crispy potatoes to us for 90 whole years.

    To mark the occasion, they've brought back five favourite flavours that can be found in various supermarkets.

    Hands reaching for a packet of "Tasty Cheese" Smith's chips on the shelf amongst other Smith's flavours

    First up, we've got Garlic Bread. This chippy tastes exactly like the garlic bread you used to get in the canteen at high school. They even managed to get the bready aftertaste completely right.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeeed

    This bad boy is available at Woolies only, FYI.

    Next, we've got the one I'm most excited for — Sausage Sizzle. I haven't been able to get my chompers on these ones, but I'm gonna take a guess and say that Bunnings have some competition.

    Two pieces of buttered white bread with the left hand side piled high with chips; a hand holding a packet of "Sausage Sizzle" chips hover above

    Buy it from your local Coles to taste test yourself!

    Flavours like Crispy Bacon and Tasty Cheese are available in all major grocers and if you want my advice — eat them together. What you'll get is a delicious combo that tastes like it should be on a cheese board.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed

    And the fifth and final flavour is Loaded Baked Potato, which I have yet to try, but everything about it has my brain screaming "YOMMY".

    Product shot of a packed of "Loaded Baked Potato" chips

    It's only found in IGA and independent retailers, so you might have to go on a bit of a hunt for this one.

    So, here's to Smith's birthday and here's to the chippy flavours — you can nearly make a whole meal with all five packs.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed

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