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    23 Times University In The United States Confused The Heck Out Of Australians

    I just don't know what's real anymore.

    While Australia produces some pretty great films and TV shows, I can't think of a single movie growing up that heroed an Aussie studying at one of our prominent universities.

    So instead I CONSUMED content like Legally Blonde, House Bunny, Sydney White and I was a full blown fan of Hellcats which, IMO, should never have been cancelled.

    Women walking together in bright cheerleading uniforms

    So, here are just a few questions that I, an Australian, have for the United States about higher education.

    1. If you're a freshman, aren't you under the legal drinking age? How come you're all drinking and no one gets caught?

    2. Speaking of, do you ever get a senior in high school and a senior in college confused?

    3. And on that, does that mean every university course is four years? There's no variance?

    4. Is the term "university" completely interchangeable with "college"? I've seen it referred to as both, but here in Oz they're different.

    5. How come your college tuitions are so expensive?

    6. Also, what happens with your student loans? Do you have to start repaying them as soon as you graduate — what if you don't have a job?

    7. And what happens if you can't pay it off?

    8. Moving away from student loans, why are top-tiered schools called "Ivy League".

    9. Are there really secret societies (aka Rory and The Life and Death Brigade) at uni?

    10. Are the fraternities and sororities really as intense and cliquey as they're portrayed? Or, are they just a fun, supportive way to meet new people?

    11. How do you get into them? Like, what the hell is "rushing"?

    12. And, if you're in a sorority or fraternity, how many of you live in those big houses? They sure are HUGE, but they don't seem like they can fit everyone in from a 50 person sorority.

    13. What happens if you don't get into a sorority or fraternity? Do you just chill out in the dorms?

    14. Speaking of, do first-year students have to live on campus?

    15. Are a cappella groups a real thing? Pitch Perfect may have completely altered my perception of reality, but I really wish that someone over there watched this movie and said, "Wow, it's like my life".

    16. Why do star athletes have to go to college before getting drafted? Can't they get drafted straight out of high school?

    17. Also, are big game days really that intense? And do that many people turn up at them?

    18. What's the deal with tailgating parties? It just seems like a dirty BBQ.

    19. Are sporting scholarships as transparent as they seem on TV? Like, are student athletes careless about attending class because they know they'll pass regardless?

    20. Do people actually care about where they went to school — like in Suits where they only hire people from Harvard Law.

    21. Do you select your major at the start of your degree? Or, do you have to do a couple of "general years" first?

    22. Why do you have to do "pre-law" before going to a specific "Law School"?

    23. And finally, what happened during COVID? Were you allowed to go home and stop paying for accomodation? Or did you have to quarantine inside your dorms?