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21 Tropes I Can't Believe We Let '00s Movies Get Away With, And 21 I Can't Get Enough Of

Why was every movie about a journalist named Andie?

Early 2000s movies have a certain magic about them. I mean, I genuinely can't think of a post-2010 movie I'd watch over and over, but I could watch What a Girl Wants every single day and never get bored.

A part of the "secret sauce" that makes these movies feel unlike anything else is that they tended to reuse the same tropes over and over. While some of these tropes deserve a place in the canon of classic cinema, others...well, they deserve to stay in the past.

Here are 21 '00s movie tropes we should bring back immediately:

1. The main character's most important relationship isn't a romantic one.

Tess, in her daughter's body, warns Anna to behave

2. The female protagonist is considered strong without losing her love of "girly" things.

Elle Woods wears her signature color and sparkles in the courtroom

3. The romantic subplot is friends-to-lovers.

Jenna and Matty cuddling on the couch

4. The main character finds a magical portal to another world.

Gisella finds a portal to New York City

5. The lead character magically becomes older or younger.

Mike finds himself a teenager again

6. Anne Hathaway becomes a princess.

Princess Mia Thermopolis

7. There's a big musical or dance number.

Jenna leads a "Thriller" dance

8. The love interest is a musician.

Ian sings at Daphne's debutante ball

9. The movie is a modern adaptation of a Shakespeare play.

Viola is disguised as her brother on the soccer field

10. Book series are turned into epic fantasies.

King Peter fights for Narnia

11. The movie is based on a Broadway musical (that is not Dear Evan Hansen).

Sophie sings from her alcony

12. Campiness is embraced in a fantasy.

Tristian and Lamia battle with their magic wands

13. One of the leads is a mythical beast who isn't supposed to exist.

Bella tells Edward she knows he's a vampire

14. The main character helps reunite their mom with her lost love.

Daphne's parents reuinite

15. A magical person needs help getting back home.

Aquamarine is a mermaid

16. Judy Greer plays the main character's best friend.

Lucy and Jenna stare down the street

17. The protagonist has to hide a unique secret.

Penelope stays in her room so no one else sees her pig nose

18. The movie is actually a parody of a popular genre.

The monster sneaks up on Brenda

19. Things from a book or story start to come to life.

The gumballs from Skeeter's story rain down on him in real life

20. Taking fate into their own hands, the two love interests find a way to be together when all hope seems lost.

Alex and Kate finally meet

21. And there's a scene where the main character wears a beautiful ball gown.

Andie enters the dance wearing a ballgown and a mask

And now, here are 21 '00s movie tropes that we should definitely leave in the past:

22. Basically, every main character is thin, white, and straight.

Jane tries on one of her 27 dresses

23. The most popular girl in school is also a huge bully.

Regina George

24. The protagonist is named Andie.

Andie tries on an expensive necklace

25. The main character's rival is injured in a serious accident.

Regina George post-bus accident

26. Two women compete against each other instead of working together.

Emma and Liv glare at each other in their wedding dresses

27. The titles are, like, violent.

The girls peer inside John's house

28. The lead is involved with Greek life and has to help save their chapter.

Shelley dances with the Zetas

29. The protagonist is a journalist.

Andie is at her desk

30. The movie is done in creepy claymation.

Coraline and her other mother

31. The story is loosely based on Cinderella.

Sam dances with Austin

32. Every major romantic movie is adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Landon and Jamie cuddle

33. Every historical drama is set in England.

Anne goes to meet the king

34. Someone leaves their fiancé on their wedding day because they've fallen in love with someone else.

Steve walks Fran to a taxi in her wedding dress

35. The main character creates a video to humiliate the bride in an effort to stop the wedding.

Jane shows a slideshow of Tess eating wings

36. A wealthy man is orphaned, then becomes a superhero after being trapped in a cave for a period of time.

Tony tests out his new Iron Man arm

37. The male lead will do whatever it takes to make the woman he's attracted to go out with him.

Henry forces Lucy to relive her trauma in hopes she'll remember him

38. A "geeky" girl undergoes a transformation to make her look more conventionally attractive — and only then is she able to find love and happiness.

Mia undergoes a makeover, losing her glasses and curly hair

39. The main character forces a man to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Margaret introduces her assistant as her fiancé

40. Beloved children's characters are turned into chaotic live-action movies.

The cat in the hat balances books and milk in one hand

41. The lead character is the new kid in school.

An unimpressed Poppy shows up at her new boarding school

42. And finally, the main villain is a gorilla.

King King is eye to eye with Ann

Now it's your turn! Did I call out one of your favorite tropes, or did I miss one you love? Let me know in the comments!