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If You Heat Up Cold Brew, Then It Isn't Actually True?

A classic debate in cold brew circles.

Here I am in the office kitchen getting my morning beverage to kickstart my day. We've all been there! Our office is kind of exotic and we have cold brew in the fridge today.

If you don't know, cold brew is coffee made from coffee beans soaked in cold water for several hours, I think.

Personally, I don't like drinking or eating really cold things. Sensitive teeth or something. So I put some milk in the coffee and heated it up for 30 seconds in the microwave. The cold brew is now lukewarm.

While the cold brew was in the microwave it got me thinking: if you heat cold brew up, it's no longer cold, so is it still cold brew? Or something different entirely? Is it simply "brew" or is it just coffee. I didn't have the answer.

I asked the BuzzFeed News team in Australia and some people said I was "deeply fucked", while others weren’t so sure.

So let's get the internet to settle the debate that has raged on for about half the morning.