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There's A Legit Place To Put Your Trolley During Self-Serve Checkout And I'm A Moron For Never Realising It

Not me just haphazardly throwing my trolley across two booths.

If you've ever been through a self-serve checkout, you'll know that it's an infuriating experience at the best of times.

Often made all the worse by the fact that there's no good spot to place your trolley — leaving you to decide between either blocking the thoroughfare, hindering your own ease of access, or taking up the space of two checkouts.

Just saw a guy stack an entire big trolley worth of shopping into the self-serve bagging area and I am honestly in AWE of this dude’s commitment to avoiding in-store social interaction

Twitter: @zackferguson

And yes, I hear those of you who might argue: "Self-serve should be reserved only for those with 12 items or less in a grocery basket!" To you lot, I say: How the hell do I fit a 25-pack of toilet roll into a cheeky little basket, alongside my other pantry goods?

But holier days are now upon us, my friends, because one Aussie shopper has discovered exactly where your trolley belongs — and watching it slot right on in there is just about the most satisfying thing I've witnessed this week.

Full disclosure: As far as I can tell, this only works seamlessly with one of those mini trolleys and a checkout at Coles or Woolies — I can't guarantee it would work at your local. BUT JUST WATCH HOW SMOOTHLY SHE GLIDES IN.

In the comments, Aussies were either elated to have stumbled upon this brand new information — or predictably snooty over the fact that this was old news to them.

While over on Twitter, users seemed equally enthralled by the discovery at their own supermarkets:

This has to be one of the most useful things I’ve seen in awhile! The small supermarket trolley fits at the self serve checkout. How many of you knew this? ⁦

Twitter: @waldowns

@waldowns Ooh, I’m going to try that next time !!!!

Twitter: @yarrajewel