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We Need To Know If You'd "Yuck" Or "Yum" These Iconic Australian Foods

We sure have some polarising foods.

Though Australian "cuisine" is a real amalgamation of different cultures, we do have some iconic meals and snacks that are uniquely Aussie. Some of them are great...some not so much. Let's get your thoughts on them!

Fairy bread

fairy bread slices

Vegemite on toast

toast covered in Vegemite

A pie from the servo

meat pie

Musk sticks

package of musk sticks

Chiko Roll

Sausage sizzles

sausage in bread

Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli

potato wedges

Golden Gaytime


Tim Tams


carton of Milo

Vanilla slice

vanilla slice

Burger with the lot

loaded burger

Chicken salt

chicken salted chips

Smashed avo with poached eggs

smashed avocado with egg on toast

Roast chook + coleslaw dinner

packages of roasted chicken and colelsaw

And finally, pavlova