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Here's How The "Bob's Burgers" Cast Answered These Burning Questions About The Show

Are you team "Electric Love" or "Pass The Cranberry Sauce"?

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the legendary voice actors behind Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise Belcher — and honorary Belcher, Teddy, ahead of the release of The Bob's Burgers Movie.

I took the opportunity to get their opinions on some of the most polarising questions about the show — and here’s the best part: You can play along!

When we asked the cast, "Maxi Pads, Large Apartment Rentals" was John and Kristen's favourite, Eugene's was "Get Off My Back, Tramp Stamp Removals" and Jon's was "Cupid's Stupid, Divorce Attorney".

Nobody could remember who Jessica was, so the cast unanimously decided that she was the most underrated character (while expressing an abundance of love for Nat and Jen).

When asked this question, Larry's vote was for the 'Bet It All On Black Garlic burger' — and Eugene, Kristen and Jon all agreed — while John chose the 'If Looks Could Kale' burger.

This was probably the question that sparked the most debate, with Eugene and Dan gunning for "Electric Love", but ultimately, Jon and John decided on "Pass The Cranberry Sauce" because the entire song was improvised by John!

While the cast agreed that Louise's "If she'd be a spice, she'd be flour" was hilarious, the iconic "Do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?" was deemed superior.

While all the costumes featured on the Halloween episodes of Bob's Burgers are undeniably genius-level — there was one that the cast believed to be a clear winner. And that was, of course, Louise's dragon with the girl tattoo.

This was, of course, the toughest question of the bunch. Ultimately, Larry settled the argument, saying, "The Hauntening is a very good episode — it's an excellent core episode of Bob's Burgers where people collectively get together to make Louise happy" and everyone agreed.

And those are all our questions! Let us know what your favourite Bob's Burgers moments are in the comments below.